Our Platform

Video Learning Platform

Browser's can access a huge library of FREE content on any kind of personal development topic you can imagine! Teacher's can share content, inspire millions and build a sustainable income with our integrated marketplace.

Integrated Marketplace

 Teachers can monetize their work by creating digital, physical, affiliate, bookable and subscription products right next to their videos. Users can earn money promoting these products by referring friends.

Social Network

Help each other thrive in our privacy focussed social network, complete with groups, discussions, courses and much much more. Teacher and students can connect, network, share and grow together.


Teachers and students can eary Karma for helping other people. The more you give, the more you receive. You can gift Karma to other users, or buy things in the marketplace (coming soon.)

We Must Take The Focus From What Can We Can Take From The World And Ask What Can We Give?

Marilyn Rodger