Our Story

Our Story

It's important to know what drives a platform, where are our real interests?

YouTube Channel (2016)

Our founder felt a strong urge to start a YouTube channel that slowly gained enough traction to fund the platforms initial development and write a quick novel.

Platform Born (2017)

We launched the very first version of our platform using the name, WinnersGuide.com. The business lay dorment for a number of years whilst we became clear on our mission.

Relaunched (2019)

We redesigned the platform and rebranded as Growora.com, setting ourselves the ridiculous dream of educating the world for free. Enabling teachers to build a business on our platform.

Raising $500K Seed (2020)

After successfully bulding and launching Growora V1, we're in the process of attracting angel investors to help us realise our mission to bring free education and inspiration to the world.

Our Reason Why

The education system as it's stands, is broken. Billions of people around the world don't have access to even simple education and those that do are being misinformed by an outdated education system designed to control and manipulate the masses.

It's been proven over human history, that people always learned best when learning directly from others.

The social aspect of learning as a community enables the students and the teachers to interact accordingly, reducing the likelihood of misunderstanding the topic and increasing the absorption rate of the information.

This process greatly enhances the enjoyment of the learning process for everyone involved.

Growora brings the benefits of social learning to a platform everyone can access. For free.

Our mission is to give a free education to every single human being on the planet, supported by those that can afford to invest into our teachers.

In essence, we want everyone to learn from everyone else.