After 4 years of hard work, struggle, heartbreak and all the wonderful moments in between - our web host deleted our server without notice (in their defence, we hadn't paid the bill in 6 months. There was little to no revenue.) It's OK, I kind wanted them to anyway. Running a video platform in competition with Google isn't really the kind of life, or vision I actually really wanted for myself or for the world.

The dream was always about healing. Enabling teachers and coaches to build a business. That dream still stands strong in my heart and soul, in fact, there is a marketplace is ready to go.

It was only when I discovered Human Design did it become apparent why Growora never really took off as a video platform. As a Projector, I'm not here to hustle and get projects off the ground, I'm here to guide energy. Those who know me personally know I spent countless hours on this project without earning a cent.

I was doing it all wrong.

Jeff Bezos is a projector, as is Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerburg. We can achieve great things, but we need a massive budget and effective team to make things happen.

So assuming society doesn't collapse into utter chaos too soon, I'm gonna focus on my other passion project ( for a little while and come back to this project with a big chunk of change.

Self funding the dream is better than selling our souls.

With Love,
Kyle Hi