Human Design // Do you Have Individual Channels? Then You NEED TO KNOW About This! Find out here...

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Karen McMullen

Human Design : MELANCHOLY & MUTATION for those with Individual & Integration Channels in their Chart

If you have a channel in your Human Design that is Individual, you are likely to go through melancholy as a part of your process of mutation.

Sometimes it can seem totally inexplicable why you feel stuck, sad, and hopeless for no reason...but now, you have this video and will understand much better what is going on!!

Here are the individual and integration channels in Human Design

Channel 34-57
Channel 34-20
Channel 57-10
Channel 10-20
Channel 3-60
Channel 14-2
Channel 1-8
Channel 61-24
Channel 43-23
Channel 28-38
Channel 57-20
Channel 39-55
Channel 22-12
Channel 34-10
Channel 51-25

I am available for personal channeled readings and guidance to help you fulfill your true role in the grand reorganization. I work with soulful entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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(This is a very beautiful book and worthwhile having a copy on your bedside table.)
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