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David Icke & Brian Rose - Whats the agenda?

Kyle Hi
Kyle Hi
26 May 2020

Is listening to people like David Icke and Brian Rose really empowering us? Or are they manifesting a reality we really don't want? I analyse the latest scandal from London Real and offer a different perspective on the "Freedom Platform" Brian Rose has just raised £1,000,000 from the "London Real Army" but for what? Vice article: https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/bv... "On the 7th of April, YouTube removed an interview uploaded by the channel London Real. In the video, veteran conspiracy theorist David Icke claimed coronavirus doesn't exist. Instead, he asserted that 5G radiation is responsible for the hypoxic symptoms of Covid-19, a novel illness that experts continue to make efforts to understand. Two days later, the UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom launched an investigation after parts of the same interview were shown on the TV channel London Live. Brian Rose, London Real's founder and frontman, seized upon the opportunity, rallying his "London Real Army" into a show of resistance against Silicon Valley behemoths and what he sees as unjust censorship. Later that month, a crowdfunding campaign was launched with a target of $100,000 (£80,484), to finance a "Digital Freedom Platform" (DFP) that would host videos YouTube might censor. Incidentally, that service is already provided by the likes of BitChute and BitTube, sites which bill themselves as free-speech alternatives to YouTube and allow far-right and conspiracy theory content. Days later, Rose's campaign was stepped up, with the target raised to $500,000 (£401,445). The first $100,000 would finance the livestream of a new interview with Icke on the DFP. A further $200,000 (£160,630) would cover an undetermined number of additional interviews, and another $200,000 ("Phase 3") would pay for the development of an unspecified new "blockchain technology platform", according to the donation page." My Book: https://universeinus.com Platform: https://growora.com Invest (no donations): https://growora.com/invest Love and light Kyle

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