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EPIC Road Trip Across Indonesia from Jakarta To Bali

Kyle Hi
Kyle Hi
19 Aug 2020

It was January 2019 when my ex-girlfriend and I decided to drive 19 hours from Jakarta to Bali by car. It was a hilarious journey where I found myself having to pee in a bottle, laughing our heads off the whole way. I was always reluctant to publish this video, because it's shows a side of me I don't usually share in public. But in the spirit of inspiring you (whilst everyone is feeling a little lost) to come out of your shell and start that YouTube channel you've always dreamt of, I decided now was the time to edit and publish this exposé. It's also nice to look back and remember the days when we could travel everywhere without worrying about wearing a damn face mask or taking a damn test for a giant, evil lie. Love and light to all my subscribers, viewers, friends and family.

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