The Manifesting Generator in Human Design // What Makes the MG Different From The Generator

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Karen McMullen

In this video I explain the Human Design Manifesting Generator Type. Discover the most importI explain the Human Design Manifesting Generator. Discover the most important essentials of being a Manifesting Generator that make you unique from the Generator.

This will be interesting to you if:

1) Your Human Design Chart says that you are a Manifesting Generator.
2) If you are a generator, projector, manifestor or reflector who wants to better understand how to honour the Manifesting Generator in your life.

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Thank you to @humandesignunleashed (youtube), John Martin, for being my teacher and his Living your Design Guide course. The visuals in this video are based on his original visuals and updated in design by Sarah K Jones.

▶︎ Generator:
▶︎ How to Read Your Chart:
▶︎ Sacral Authority:
▶︎ Emotional Authority:

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✨A long-time Human Design teacher found my youtube videos and shared something along the lines:
"Karen, even though you talked so slowly, and I already knew everything you were saying, I couldn't stop watching.
There's nothing so masterful as seeing the basics done really well."
I realized that's my thing with Human Design.
Those words have inspired my latest series of Human Design videos, "The Basics Done Well," which I plan to build out over the coming year.
Today, we are exploring the Manifesting Generator.✨

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Thank you so much for the support, and please keep it up! :)

It' a pleasure to meet you. xo, Karen

Graphics: Sandy McMullen and Sarah K Jones
End Song: Lil cookie, William Rosati
Intro song:
Good For You by THBD Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library

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