Adjusting to the New Timelines and Energetics of the Earth

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Grace Cavanaugh
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Have you felt it? The intensity and acceleration of energies on the planet?

Some days you're feeling SO GOOD... and then others, NOT SO GOOD.

If you're wondering when it's going to lighten up, you may wish to stop wondering. This is the new norm.

Your own individual blueprint/template is adjusting and coming into resonance with the new energetic frequencies and blueprint/template of the Earth 🌎.

In this video, Osairah expands upon :

⭐ Riding bigger energetic waves and truly understanding your multi-dimensional nature and experience.
⭐ How each cell in your body has its own consciousness and what this means (in terms of the "big picture").
⭐ Next-level codes from the sun.
⭐ Waking yourself up to the different dimensional fields of consciousness and learning to navigate multi-dimensionally.
⭐ The "restructuring" ahead and what you can expect.
⭐ The many different realities that can be experienced and choosing an alternate track.


Thank you for being here and choosing to raise your frequency!

Eternal Love, Eternal Light,



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