What to Eat to Power Your Brain | Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum on Health Theory

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Tom Bilyeu

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For the last 40 years, Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, aka “Dr. Microbiome”, has been one of the leading microbiome researchers. He is also the scientist who named the mycobiome, the body’s fungal community. And on this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Dr. Ghannoum explains the connections between fungi and bacteria in our gut, and why it’s so important for the two communities to work in harmony. He also describes the ways the gut communicates with the brain, discusses current research on autism and gastrointestinal issues, recommends a diet for good gut health, and even shares an incredible story about how one act of kindness can change thousands of lives.


The mycobiome is the fungal community that lives in our body [1:00]
Bacteria and fungi are both good and bad, and are either in harmony or not [2:02]
Tom and Mahmoud use the analogies of forests or gardens to explain how the gut works [3:35]
Mahmoud explains how bacteria and fungi produce benefits by working in harmony [6:01]
The gut communicates with the brain, just as the brain communicates with the gut [9:21]
The microbiome really starts getting formed during birth, through the vaginal canal [12:43]
Biofilms are dangerous because they protect bad microorganisms and prevent nutrition [16:45]
Mahmoud explains how FMT can rebuild the microbiome [19:56]
Mahmoud discusses probiotics and how to target them correctly [23:39]
Mahmoud believes that within five years we will have “probiotics 2.0” [27:32]
Mahmoud explains why he wants to focus on gastrointestinal issues with autistic kids [29:31]
It’s much easier to adjust the fungal community than it is to change bacteria [33:54]
Candida can be very dangerous, but the majority of people have some of it [35:37]
Mahmoud recommends a low sugar, whole foods diet, and describes a good diet [38:18]
Mahmoud shares the story of losing his livelihood due to the invasion of Kuwait [41:22]
One act of kindness can change many lives [45:06]
Dr. Microbiome recommends the one change people should make in their diet [46:36]


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