Gracie Goad - Life Athletics Podcast Ep 25

108 Views· 04 Sep 2018
Nik Wood

Gracie is a manager at the Historic Drake hotel. She has recently been named to the Ontario Culinary tourism alliance’s top 30 under 30 because of her passion for the industry her commitment to excellence and her ability to get things done. She’s a powerhouse who just happens to look like she’s 12 a fact I can tease her about because she’s my little cousin and I love her to bits. Habit of Thought: What can I do to make this situation better? Habit of Action: Take action that would make a situation better! Greatest area of strength:  “I get shit done” “I follow up and follow through” Training for this area: Make lists, be efficient, do a couple of things at a time and most of all, be clear on what you’re doing so you only have to do a thing once. Book: Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business - Danny Meyer Web resource: Contact: Linkedin - Gracie Goad

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