Les Leventhal - Life Athletics Ep 6

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Nik Wood
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I originally went to Les' Vinyasa flow class because Derek Loudermilk said Les was one of the best men he knew. With an introduction like that, from a person like that, I HAD to go. What I found was man who seems to have been smoothed out by the roughness of life. He had an ability to make me (in the back row of the class) feel like I was totally okay as I was and that I couild do anything. I know that this is what yoga teachers are supposed to do but I’m a tough person to impress in this way and boy did Les ever impress. HABIT OF THOUGHT: I have to be willing to walk the talk. HABIT OF ACTION: Walk the talk myself first. GREATEST AREA OF STRENGTH: : Very creative sequencer. Brutally honest able to hold a sacred, safe space. (Nik’s take: To my eyes, Les has given himself the permission to get over his colourful past and is moving forward cleanly.) TRAINING FOR THIS AREA: Forgiveness. BOOK: Two Lifestyles, One Lifetime: An Inspiring Journey From Rock-Bottom Hopelessness to Wildly Extravagant Possibility  - Les Leventhal Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing - Caroline Myss WEB RESOURCE: Yoga Journal David Wolfe Anna Forest LINK: YogawithLes.com CONTACT: yogawithles.com Instagram - yogawithles Twitter - yogawithless

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