#128 - Decentralize Abundance & Governance for the Regenerative Renaissance - Rieki Cordon

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Rieki is the one who initiated the SEEDS movement. A cryptocurrency with decentralised governance that aims at regenerating the Earth and creating a new financial system. We discussed ecovillages, communities, governance and how cryptos & blockchain fit into that. (You can connect with us on: http://t.me/thelightleaders).

Here are the great points we covered during this interview;
[08:21] Why Intentional Communities Usually Fail
[17:28] How the SEEDS currency was designed
[30:01] How do we Build a Regenerative Equivalent of Bitcoin
[32:39] How to Design Smart Incentives for Thriving Ecovillages
[45:46] The Importance of Mastering Decentralised Governance

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