How to Eat Well for a Healthy Thyroid | Elle Russ on Health Theory

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Tom Bilyeu

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Elle Russ is the author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution and a leading voice in the paleo, primal, and ancestral health movement. In this episode of Health Theory she talks about the paleo primal diet, the truth about thyroid issues, and why you need to learn how to self diagnose.

The Paleo Thyroid Solution by Elle Russ:
Stop the Thyroid Madness by Andrew Heyman, James Yang & Janie A. Bowthorpe:
Recovering with T3 by Paul Robinson:
Elle’s free thyroid guide:

Why Elle took her health into her own hands [01:05]
How to navigate working with an uninformed doctor [02:47]
The importance of optimal thyroid function [04:26]
What’s going on with Reverse T3? [07:21]
Why a primal diet helps thyroid and adrenal function [08:10]
Why the standard blood panels are useless [09:34]
Does the normal thyroid treatment actually work? [13:55]
How diet plays a role in autoimmune disease [15:05]
Why striving for the “ideal” body type may cause all sorts of problems [19:16]
The reason intense exercise is harming you [21:30]
Why you can’t get away with poor diet [25:05]
Does keto work for hypothyroid patients? [27:07]
How to actually get fat adapted [28:59]
Where fruit fits into a primal diet [31:35]
Why you need to pay attention to your iron stores [32:58]
The one thing you should do to improve your health [38:56]


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