Henare Hona O'Brien - Life Athletics Podcast Ep 40

137 Views· 04 Sep 2018
Nik Wood

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Henare O’Brien. Henare is half of the dynamic kiwi duo Henare and Kate. Together they transform the lives of hundreds of people at their game changer live events and thousands more around the world. Henare went from a bruising, boozing, skirt chasing professional athlete brute to a soft talking, eager to hug, spiritual and emotional coach and guide. His story of transformation is a gift for anyone looking to overcome their baser nature.   Habit of Thought:   “Be present to the uncertainty of where life is always going to take me.” Habit of Action: “Be aware of my breath” Greatest area of strength: â€œI care deeply.” Training for this area: “I would make sure that they felt cared for and heard.” Book: I Come as a Brother - Mary Margaret and Bartholomew Web Resource: www.henareandkate.com Contact: henareandkate@henareandkate.com

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