Watch This Before YouTube Removes It (Maybe..)

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Kyle Hi
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Censorship is at an all time high, we can all feel it/see it. Apologies for the clickbait title and thumbnail, but I feel it's important to get your attention and encourage you to get out of your shell, face your fears and speak your truth. The world needs your love and wisdom right now! Check out my book: Invest in our uncensored video platform: Let me know what your truth is in the comments! Love and light, Kyle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREATE CONTENT FOR US? is a personal and spiritual development platform, our mission is to elevate humanity by enabling teachers all over the world to earn passive income from teaching. We're looking for content creators to do a revenue share with us. If you're interested in submitting content to our YouTube channel or platform, please email with a link to an example of your work! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MISSION Our mission is to elevate humanity by enabling those who teach, the financial freedom to share their wisdom & knowledge. HOW YOU CAN HELP? Like, comment, share and view our videos if you're only able to consume the material. Or contribute if you've got something to say and want to earn $$$ CREDITS Some of the stuff we create ourselves, using real videographers, time, energy and money to produce empowering content. Sometimes we use a variety of sources for our video content. Rather than list each one over and over, we made a comprehensive list of our production partners: Bensound ( MusicBed ( VideoBlocks ( Growora ( Cameras (Sony A6300, Sony A6000, DJI Osmo Pocket and Logitech Webcam) Please note: Sometimes we use content without direct permission from the owner. Usually because it's damn near impossible to get in contact with them. We do it with the best intention of creating content that resonates with humanity. However, if we've used your content and you're not happy about it please email :) we're happy to do a revenue share.

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